Our Story

A “New Culture” in Cosmetology

We are creating a “New Culture” in the Cosmetology field through our positive approach to learning. Esteem’s holistic approach to educating students creates professionals in the many areas of the beauty industry who have exceptional skills, high self-confidence and understand their extraordinary value in the service community. We offer opportunities in hair design, skin care, barbering, make-up, and nail artistry as well as trainings in marketing and human design. The possibilities are endless!

Because we understand that each person learns differently and has a unique way of reaching goals, we will focus on your individual needs and help in any way we possibly can to make sure your career in the beauty industry is fun and rewarding. At the time of enrollment you will discuss your individual education plan with one of our highly qualified instructors/mentors. You will continue to work closely with them throughout your learning process so you can reach your goals and progress in all aspects of your career. In addition to technical expertise, you will learn how to create delightful and memorable experiences for your customers, which is a large part of being successful as a beauty professional

What Makes Us Unique?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of exhilaration when those surrounding you are cheering you on and supporting your desires and aspirations 100%? We have and we know how inspiring and helpful it is. We are here to inspire and help you to bring out the best in yourself. You have something special that makes you; you and we are committed to making your experience at Esteem positive while you explore your many talents and abilities. We believe that a safe and loving work and learning environment is highly beneficial to you as a student and can make all the difference when it comes being prosperous in your career aspirations and making a difference in people’s lives. This rewarding atmosphere originates from reaching goals and discovering the skills and endless opportunities you will have in the art of beauty. You will be given the opportunity to take part in a 20-minute meditation and journaling session everyday as part of your curriculum. Writing out your goals provides the opportunity to see them clearly and serves as a permanent record of your progress and proof that you can reach your ultimate goal! You will be rewarded for your progress each month by having the opportunity to attend a “Superstar Session,” where you will be acknowledged for your hard work and individuality. Your success and happiness as a person, student and beauty professional is very important us. That is why we offer smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with instructors, who have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the beauty industry. We want to make your learning experience as encouraging and worthwhile as possible.

Our Vision

Located on the border of South Ogden & Ogden, Utah, Esteem Academy of Beauty thrives on providing the best quality education to the future cosmetologists of the beauty industry. We offer small class sizes so our students receive the one-on-one time and attention they deserve!

At Esteem, we assist our students in discovering their own inherent talents and gifts on their journey toward reaching their individual career goals. Do you dream of becoming a highly successful and sought after beauty professional? We will help make that dream become a reality!


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