Why Choose Esteem Academy of Beauty?

Founder and owner of Esteem Academy of Beauty, Darci Brown, has worked in the beauty industry for 30 years. She feels that her career is more than just a career. It is her passion and has been a great source of learning and fulfillment.

Darci Brown

Owner & Founder,

Esteem Academy of Beauty

“I have realized over the years that I can affect lives for the better if I have the right attitude and perform my technical skills with love and caring. A person can walk through the door and sit in my chair with head hanging low and spirits even lower. All I have to do is express an interest and lend a listening ear and soon I am allowed into a very private space. I have an opportunity to affect a life for good! I know that it may seem a small thing but I believe that the caring I express in that short time has a ripple effect that cannot be measured. Like a drop of rain on a lake that moves the whole lake, hairdressers have the power to move people. It’s not just about what a person sees in the mirror when I’m finished, it’s about what they feel while their looking, and how that affects their life for good. I want to share this with others who may aspire to have their own place in the beauty industry.”

Darci has 14 years of experience as an educator for a major product company. She has traveled all over the country teaching and presenting to salons and schools the craft that is hair design. She has also been a licensed instructor for 9 years and has found success and satisfaction training future beauty professionals. In addition to this she has worked with talented beauty industry professionals such as, Nicholas French, Chrystofer Benson, and Brian & Sandra Smith, who are all NAHA champions. ​ Darci wants to share her talent, passion and experience with future beauty industry leaders by giving each student a positive and fulfilling education experience tailored to their individual needs and goals.

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