Getting the picture perfect blow-dry style doesn’t have to take ages, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the right techniques, you can easily get great looking hair. Try these blow-dry tips for yourself.

  1. You need to have a good quality blow-dryer especially if you have really thick hair or are blow-drying your hair often. High quality blow-dryers usually come with features like high power, multiple heat settings, a cool shot, and ionic air technology. The last one helps with frizz, creates shine, and minimizes blow-dry time. You can keep your hair healthy by using these features and keeping control over the heat your using.

  2. Don’t start blow-drying with a brush while you have sopping wet hair. Before using your brush, rough dry hair by setting your dryer on low with medium heat. Once its about 80% dry you can part it into sections and begin styling it with your round brush.

  3. Speaking of sectioning your hair….we recommend that you work with small sections of hair instead of trying to dry all of your hair at once. You will have much more control over your brush and dryer, plus, it will give you a more polished look and take less time!

  4. Make sure you use the right products for your hair. The right product will protect your hair from the heat, create hold, decrease frizz among other things that you might need. Next time you’re in Esteem Academy ask one of our student stylists (always supervised by an instructor) to give you a consultation. That way you will know exactly which products will get you your desired result.

  5. If you want more volume then you need to give extra attention to the root of your hair. Lifting from the root while applying heat is key to achieving volume with a blow-dry style.

  6. Last but not least, don’t forget to use your nozzle attachment. The nozzle helps protect your hair and create a smooth finish. It also helps you to keep the heat concentrated in one spot so you don’t end up with unwanted frizz.

There you go! Our top tips for a better blow-dry style at home. Visit us at Esteem Academy or fill out the form below to learn more to learn more.

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